Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bling My Band

It's decorating time!  I've thought a lot about how I want to decorate Reid's Doc Band and I thought I would start simple and pay homage to UT. I cut the stripes and numbers out of vinyl and Clay bought some stickers from UT. Simple, but I think he looks so cute in his little football helmet (future Longhorn lineman!) I think I'll change it up every few weeks so check back for his new bling in a few weeks. Still waiting to see another doctor so we can decide what to do with Grant's head.  He'll most likely be in a helmet as well in a few weeks.


Brenna said...

I love the UT helmet, very cute. Looking forward to more creative helmet decor!

Karena said...

Reid looks so cute! I think the DocBand is way better looking than the Starband (which is what Kenan got). Hey, I figured if they were going to look like a football player then you minus well bling the band with the part! Go UT! I love it! I hope he's adjusting well. I had to go get Kenan's helmet adjusted 3 times in 4 days so I'm glad you had a great tech.