Friday, February 26, 2010

6 months

It's incredible how little we've documented the boys life since they entered our world 6 months ago. We have a ton of pictures and I kept a pretty regular journal while visiting the boys in the NICU for close to three months. Sadly those things never made it here. But now I am a stay at home mom so I should have plenty of time to keep up with these sorts of things, right?

Life with twins is unlike any thing I could have imagined or prepared myself for. However, I would gladly do it again. For all the stories I've heard about life with twins these boys have been incredibly good to us. Of course it gets a little crazy when you're feeding and changing babies multiple times in the night and trying to teach a baby to sleep through the night when the other one is screaming. I love it though and it hasn't been as hard as I told myself it would be.

It helps to keep them on a pretty tight schedule. The NICU helped regulate their eating and sleeping times. They eat every four hours and usually take about three naps. They are doing really well putting themselves to sleep and we don't usually have any problems at night or for naps. They usually wake up once at night but for the most part sleep from 8 to about 8 or 8:30. This past week however, they have been waking up almost every two hours. Hopefully they can figure it out again and get back to normal. During the day we keep busy reading, singing, going for walks, occasional visit to Dad downtown for lunch, and just taking care of their everyday needs. It's amazing how quickly the day goes by.

The boys have done exceptionally well catching up in weight. At their six month appointment they were in the 70th percentile for weight but 3rd for height. Grant is now a little over 20 lbs. and Reid is not far behind at 19 lbs 6 oz. They are no longer being measured on the preemie charts which doesn't often happen this soon. Reid and Grant love to eat and we can't believe they have come so far. We remember the feedings in the NICU when we would struggle for half an hour for them to get through 40 ml. Developmentally they are still behind. We've seen a number of specialists since coming home: an optometrist, a pulmonologist every month for RSV shots, a cardiologist to check the PDAs they had at birth, ENT and audiologist to check Grant's hearing, and a developmental specialists. They have been given pretty much a clean bill of health by all the doctors but we will continue to see the developmental specialists until the boys catch up to where they should be.

They are babbling and laughing at us. Grant is especially talkative and is always trying to talk to Reid. Reid doesn't always respond but when he does it is the cutest thing. Watching them talk and smile at each other is the best thing about having twins.

Grant Reid

Grant loves jumping and will often jump himself to sleep.