Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mid-Treatment Photos

Last week we reached the half way point for Reid's DOC Band. Five more weeks to go! For the most part it hasn't changed Reid's life to much and we haven't had any problems. I definitely think the DOC Band was the way to go. The Band itself is easy to wear and clean and leaves so much of his little head free.  We also LOVE the staff at Cranial Tech. They are all wonderful and great with the boys.  I think Grant has a crush on their tech Amy. He is always trying to get her attention especially if she is talking to Reid.  Photos from his first visit are on the left and photos from this past week are on the right.  Hopefully if his head keeps growing the way it did in the beginning we can be out of the DOC Band a lot sooner than the 12 weeks.

We're excited about the progress and can't wait to see him when the process is complete.

4th of July

Reid's DOC Band for the 4th. We had a fun time using my Cricut to cut the stars and letters on vinyl. Real simple and quick but I think he looks super cute in his patriotic Band. Reid's head has been growing exceptionally well. We go once a week to get his head measured and the inside foam on the Band shaved to accommodate the growth. His growth the last 6 weeks has been a total of 17 mm. I can definitely see the difference. It was so noticeable even after the first week.  We've reached the half way point and he seems to have adjusted well to wearing it all day and night.  The Texas heat does not help his sweaty little head but he doesn't complain much. Bath time and swimming are definitely favorite activities now because he gets to take the helmet off.