Monday, April 19, 2010

Look- alike

I've always found it hard to tell which parent babies look like. We've been told the boys look like each of us. After looking at old photos of Clay and myself I think it is more obvious that we each have our own
look- alikes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When in Texas...

...take pictures of the kids with bluebonnets. 

 Our first attempt at bluebonnet pictures with the boys didn't go so well. They weren't too happy so we'll probably try it again so we can get a few pictures with those cute smiles they keep so well hidden.  

Still learning how to balance while sitting.

Reid is so done with picture taking.

Lost them both this time.

Looking at the ground was much more exciting than the toys we brought or all the silly faces we made. I am making it my mission to get one picture with them both smiling at the camera. Although I might settle for them both looking at the camera at the same time.

Puppy Love

  It's been nice to have dogs again. We were especially grateful for them the other day when our neighbor and a few other houses in our cul-de-sac were broken into during the day. I wasn't home but I'm certain the barking dogs kept them away. At least I feel a little safer having them around.

Niko and Jack don't seem to mind the boys. They mostly ignore them. But in the past few days Jack has taken a liking to Grant. I think it started when Clay used Grant's feet to kick Jack's favorite ball. Now Jack will bring Grant the ball and leave it by his feet. He loves to lick him as well.  We are trying to teach Jack that the only acceptable place to lick the boys is the feet.  Grant enjoys laughing at the dogs when they bark and jump around. We're happy that the boys don't seem to be afraid of Jack's craziness.
Niko and the big hole he dug in the backyard.  All that hair can get hot so he likes to cool off in the mud

Monday, April 12, 2010

El Paso

During spring break we decided to make a trip to El Paso to visit my parents and collect our dogs.They have been with my parents since last July. We dropped them off there to be watched while we did some traveling. We never got to do that traveling because the boys came a few weeks later but it was nice to have them taken care of while I was on bed rest and then while we spent our time at the NICU. My parents have been wonderful to care for them for this long and they seemed to enjoy the grandparents' home. I'm not sure Jack was ready to leave the excitement of my parents back yard.

First road trip with the boys went pretty well. We debated on what would be the best time to travel for them and us and decided to leave Austin late afternoon so they could sleep through most of the trip.  They took a nap the first couple of hours and then babbled and played with toys for the next few hours until it was time to eat. They really only got upset when we were trying to find a place to stop and feed them and then when it was time to sleep. They love the car but they love their beds more and for about 20 minutes they did not want to sleep anywhere else. After calming down and falling asleep we had a quiet peaceful drive. Clay was an awesome driver and drove through the night. We arrived around 3 am without any problems.

Reid meets his Great Grandma Zuniga for the first time.

In El Paso we enjoyed introducing the boys to their great grandma and some cousins, and celebrated my mom's birthday. We were also lucky enough to be there the same time as Aunt Sonya, who was home for her spring break. They enjoyed all the attentions but hated napping.  They got little sleep during the day which made them grumpy but helped them sleep through the night. We introduced them to our dogs Jack and Niko. The original plan was to only bring Jack, the younger dog, home with us. But as we were loading the car Niko, who can't walk due to being hit by a car, dragged his way to the door and towards our car.  He kept howling and barking at us.  He knew we were leaving and wanted to make sure he was coming. It broke my heart to leave him again so we decided that even though it would be a lot of work to care for him I wanted to bring him home.  The trip home went well despite taking a lot longer than the first trip.  We left earlier in the day so we had more feedings to stop for and now two dogs that also needed to be let out. Our car was way to full.  Maybe a mini van is in our future, especially if the boys ever get a sibling.

We've been told that both Reid and Grant look like their Abuelito by different people but I think Grant favors him more.