Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doc Band Baby

Reid got his Doc Band helmet yesterday and so far he doesn't seem to mind it. It did not phase him one bit when it was placed on his head at the doctor's office.  After initially putting it on we waited for about 20 minutes to have his skin checked for pressure spots. The Doc Band was then shaved and shaped a little to fit his head better. He was a very good listener as the cranial tech clinician, Amy, was explaining how to care for it. He sat very still and watched her for a good twenty minutes.  The first two days we take the Doc Band off every 3-4 hours to check his skin for red spots. If the spot has not faded to a light pink within an hour we are to call the office for adjustments. Thankfully we have not had any problems with his skin.

Moments after having the helmet placed on his head he was all smiles.

I worried the most about how the helmet would effect his night time sleeping but again he didn't have any problems (However, as I'm writing this he is awake and crying upstairs). He slept through the first night just fine but because of his frequent head turning his helmet got a little twisted and he woke up with it slightly covering his eye. We were told that sometimes happens and as his head grows to fit the helmet it should stay in place better. Since we didn't have any problems with his skin the past two days tomorrow he starts the 23 hours a day. 

His last night without the Doc Band. He loves his bed. 
He looks so peaceful. Hope the Doc Band doesn't change this over the next three months. 

Bling My Band

It's decorating time!  I've thought a lot about how I want to decorate Reid's Doc Band and I thought I would start simple and pay homage to UT. I cut the stripes and numbers out of vinyl and Clay bought some stickers from UT. Simple, but I think he looks so cute in his little football helmet (future Longhorn lineman!) I think I'll change it up every few weeks so check back for his new bling in a few weeks. Still waiting to see another doctor so we can decide what to do with Grant's head.  He'll most likely be in a helmet as well in a few weeks.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 months

Has it really been 10 months? The time is flying by and we're having so much fun with these boys. It is so fun to watch their different personalities develop as they interact with each other and those around them. 

Reid seems to already have a sense of humor and enjoys making silly sounds to make Grant laugh. He loves bath time (and the pool) and getting squirt with water or when someone gets "bonked" in the head with a toy. I love his laugh, it is so full of joy. He loves to stand and play more than sitting and I think he will be the first one to start moving. He's a solid little boy (weighing 25 lbs. now) that loves to hug and bury his head in your neck.  He recently learned how to clap and gets so proud of himself when he does it. He's a super sleeper and is still taking 3 naps during the day and 12 hours at night. I think Reid might be a little shy because he doesn't often respond to new people when they talk to him like he does with us. He's a happy boy though and always has a smile for us. 


Grant is our dramatic little boy that loves to babble and shout when he talks to you. He always has something to say and will let us know how he feels. He can be very sweet though and enjoys reaching out to touch our faces and pat our cheeks. He loves his brother so much. He is constantly trying to get Reid's attention. Reid doesn't have to do much to make him laugh. Even a sneeze from Reid will get a laugh from Grant. Grant also loves Niko and Jack. Jack's jumping and barking always bring a smile or laugh to Grant's face and he often gets mad if he can't reach out and touch the dogs when they are near. I think getting to the dogs is going to one day be the reason for his crawling. In case you couldn't tell this boy loves to eat. When he gets a spoonful of baby food he says "mmm" afterward. He's a flirt with people at the stores and loves to flash them his cute little smile.

I'm so glad these boys have each other. Having a baby is wonderful but having twins is the best. The most exciting thing to watch with their development is how they have grown to recognize and respond to each other. They already seem like great friends and I can't wait to watch them get closer. 

I had to throw this one in because it is shows how most of our pictures turn out. Reid is usually looking at something other than us and Grant is shouting at us either in anger or happiness. This time he was not in the mood for pictures. 

Last month we flew to Denver for my sister-in-law's graduation (way to go Dr. Kelly!) The boys got to see all their cousins and enjoyed the attention.

We took a little drive down to Colorado Springs to visit the Air Force Academy where Clay started out.